"Sometimes it takes teamwork to make the dream work."

What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is working together with a professional coach to:
* overcome an obstacle you may have in your personal or professional life;  
* Or maybe your life is going well but there are some areas you'd like to improve in;
* Or you would just like to confer with a professional on a weekly or monthly basis.

What can it help me with?
Life Coaching, as the name implies, can help you overcome everyday life challenges such as: weight
problems, addictive behavior, bad habits, even problems in relationships  (lover, family, co-workers,
neighbors, etc).  It can also help you improve your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence level. Or maybe
the problem is depression, anger management or procrastination.  Life Coaching can help with those and
many more.

How much time does this take?
Most people achieve improvement in every session, with their average amount of sessions being 3 - 6.  But
there is no limit to how long or short a time you can have coaching sessions for.  You can choose single
sessions, multiple sessions or stay on in a month by month program.

What can I expect in the sessions?
All of our sessions include a more detailed look at your problem areas; counseling (to create the mindsets
that empower you); and changing limiting beliefs into more positive, life affirming ones. ( Many times the
solution is simply seeing the situation from another perspective.)  We also use NLP (Neuro Linguistic
Programming), Law of Attraction knowledge, Hypnosis/ Guided Imagery (as needed) and Meditation.

Are these sessions always in-office visits?
No. Many people do prefer to come in for their sessions but coaching can also be done over the phone - for
your convenience.  This alleviates travel, weather and time related interruptions.

    "Our goal is to get you happy and healthy- in every area of your life.
               This IS possible and can take far less time than you've imagined."

What are my options in your coaching program?
You have 3 choices: Hypno Coaching, Psychic Shopping or Law of Attraction answers

And you may choose to meet in person or have your sessions over the phone  for:

One session : Try out our services- maybe it's all you need right now.
An issue:  3 - 6 sessions or until the problem has been resolved.
Monthly: Take a month by month approach to transforming any part of your life (our most popular one).

Hypno Coaching                                           
This coaching program is designed to help you achieve a certain goal through counseling, NLP
techniques, some hypnosis or guided imagery, resolving issues from the past, changing perspectives,
meditation and through homework assignments.  (Most people not only achieve their goal but also see an
improvement in their health, happiness and of resolving of a physical ailment.)  It is also designed to
establish a long term relationship with a trusted professional who always has answers and solutions for
the problems and situations that come up in our lives.  It helps you build up your confidence, self esteem
and brings out the personal power you were born with.      

Psychic Shopping:  Creating the outcome you desire
This program uses your minds power and your souls knowledge to accomplish your goal.  Your soul knows
~ that you can
do, be and have anything that you want.  It remembers all the desires you have ever had and
knows the best way for you to achieve them.  There is prep work involved and steps you have to take but this
is the basic recipe that the universe uses to bring you every single thing that is in your life.
This is a very powerful coaching program but one that rewards you with greater influence and control over
your life - like never before. The number of sessions involved is the same as stated above - your choice.

Law of Attraction:  answers
Or perhaps you have learned about the Law of Attraction and would like to refine some part of it; maybe get a
better understanding of it or are trying to create with it and are stuck.   Either way - congratulations on finding
the "Secret" - the same laws that create everything single thing that has ever been or ever will be created.  I
look forward to helping you understand  the personal power you have and create a life your excited about
again.  The number of sessions involved is the same as stated above - your choice.

          Wondering if we can help you with a      
 specific problem you're having?

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              will answer that for you.


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