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Intuitive Readings
Hypnosis Therapy Center, LLC        203-245-6927       1353 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT
Intuitive Readings   
All readings are done in person, by appointment are a full hour long.

To make the best use of your time,  please write down  the questions you would like answered before you come in.  This helps you focus your mind and open
up the subconscious ~ where all your answers are.  It also serves to remind you to ask about all areas that you were concerned about.

Do know that you are always in the process of creating your future - so it is possible for you to change unwanted outcomes that are already headed your
way.  Part of your reading will be advice to follow to obtain what you truly desire.  This is from the Law of Attraction - the universal power of creation.

  Chakra Readings     
We consult the  7 major energy centers in the body, in a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state.  Here the physical or emotional problems you have and the
solutions you need are revealed.  Deeply moving.  You  feel and hear your bodies own intuition....maybe for the first time in your life.  (An excellent
resource to consider to help relieve infertility).   Sessions are from 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.

Dream Interpretations
Dreams that we remember are our subconscious minds way of communicating with the conscious mind.  Sometimes they are prophetic, letting us know
about an important event that's coming up in our lives.  At other times, the theme is always the same, also known as recurring dreams. These also have a
message for us - usually a warning of some kind.  But mostly dreams are your mind just digesting life's experiences and giving you feedback.

If you would like to learn how to recall your dreams, simply tell yourself before bedtime that: You do have dreams when you sleep. That you will
remember the dreams when you wake up. And then, upon waking, jot down all the details you can remember.  Now set aside some time to sit quietly and
review what you wrote and notice how it happens to coincide with what's going on currently in your life.

If you need help in interpreting the dream and unlocking the encoded message it contains, please call for assistance.  The phone call will take about 30
minutes and will also provide advice to follow (to resolve the problem) and some clarity around the issue.  The fee is $50.