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"Where changing your mind...will change your life."

  • Weight Loss Program
"It's not what you're eating - it's what's eating you?"     Since there are so many emotions and memories tied to overeating, each week we resolve more old issues that
are still affecting you and put into place new and more positive habits.  We also teach more effective ways of handling life and people with NLP techniques (Neuro
Linguistic Programming).  These help you tackle the cravings and what, when and how you eat.  It is also important change your inner self talk and improve your
internal body image.  Most sessions include hypnosis to deeply instill the new behaviors and resolve deep seated problems still in the subconscious mind.
All of these things can't be rushed, so you should expect to release the excess weight gradually.  A good average is 3-5 pounds a week (Doctors advice).
We recommend 3 sessions if you are 25-40lbs overweight, 6 sessions if 40-60 lbs over and 9 or more if you need to lose 60, 75, 100+

  • Smoking Cessation:
In an average of 3 sessions -  You can be free from that habit for good.  It's the best thing you can do for yourself.  This is a very thorough program  designed to          
collapse  your anchors to the habit.  We may regress to the original or current cause and teach you NLP techniques to end cravings and put you back in control of your
life . There's no need for you to be chained to that habit any more.  You can be 'above the influence'  instead of under it and be free for the rest of your life.

There are many more uses for Hypnosis - in fact you can use hypnosis for just about anything.  Eliminate bad habits, instill new helpful ones, release fears and
phobias, enhance your bodies ability to heal itself and ease or completely relieve pain.  It is also possible to "talk" to the body to find the cause of a pain.

What else can hypnosis help with or be used for?

    Common uses are: smoking cessation, weight loss and past life regressions.

      Fears include: stage fright, fear of public speaking, dentists, flying, snakes, spiders, vomiting, etc.

     Personal development types: improve self esteem, gain confidence, overcome shyness or procrastination.  

Bad habits like anger management, hair pulling, drinking or nail biting.

     Emotional issues such as anxiety, stress, tension, depression, guilt or forgiveness.   

     Relieve physical symptoms of  pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulcers, back pain, impotency or infertility, insomnia, etc.

            The list and uses are endless.
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