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Weight Loss Program "It's not what you're eating - it's what's eating you?" Since there are so many emotions and memories tied to overeating, each week we resolve more old issues that are still affecting you and put into place new and more positive habits. We also teach more effective ways of handling life and people with NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming). These help you tackle the cravings and what, when and how you eat. It is also important change your inner self talk and improve your internal body image. Most sessions include hypnosis to deeply instill the new behaviors and resolve deep seated problems still in the subconscious mind. All of these things can't be rushed, so you should expect to release the excess weight gradually. A good average is 3-5 pounds a week (Doctors advice). We recommend 3 sessions if you are 25-40lbs overweight, 6 sessions if 40-60 lbs over and 9 or more if you need to lose 60, 75, 100+ Smoking Cessation: In an average of 3 sessions - You can be free from that habit for good. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. This is a very thorough program designed to collapse your anchors to the habit. We may regress to the original or current cause and teach you NLP techniques to end cravings and put you back in control of your life . There's no need for you to be chained to that habit any more. You can be 'above the influence' instead of under it and be free for the rest of your life. There are many more uses for Hypnosis - in fact you can use hypnosis for just about anything. Eliminate bad habits, instill new helpful ones, release fears and phobias, enhance your bodies ability to heal itself and ease or completely relieve pain. It is also possible to "talk" to the body to find the cause of a pain.

Life Coaching

"Sometimes it takes teamwork to make the dream work." What is Life Coaching? Life Coaching is working together with a professional coach to: * overcome an obstacle you may have in your personal or professional life; * Or maybe your life is going well but there are some areas you'd like to improve in; * Or you would just like to confer with a professional on a weekly or monthly basis. What can it help me with? Life Coaching, as the name implies, can help you overcome everyday life challenges such as: weight problems, addictive behavior, bad habits, even problems in relationships (lover, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc). It can also help you improve your self-esteem, self-worth and confidence level. Or maybe the problem is depression, anger management or procrastination. Life Coaching can help with those and many more. How much time does this take? Most people achieve improvement in every session, with their average amount of sessions being 3 - 6. But there is no limit to how long or short a time you can have coaching sessions for. You can choose single sessions, multiple sessions or stay on in a month by month program. What can I expect in the sessions? All of our sessions include a more detailed look at your problem areas; counseling (to create the mindsets that empower you); and changing limiting beliefs into more positive, life affirming ones. ( Many times the solution is simply seeing the situation from another perspective.) We also use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Law of Attraction knowledge, Hypnosis/ Guided Imagery (as needed) and Meditation. Are these sessions always in-office visits? No. Many people do prefer to come in for their sessions but coaching can also be done over the phone - for your convenience. This alleviates travel, weather and time related interruptions. "Our goal is to get you happy and healthy- in every area of your life. This IS possible and can take far less time than you've imagined." What are my options in your coaching program? You have 3 choices: Hypno Coaching, Psychic Shopping or Law of Attraction answers And you may choose to meet in person or have your sessions over the phone for: One session : Try out our services- maybe it's all you need right now. An issue: 3 - 6 sessions or until the problem has been resolved. Monthly: Take a month by month approach to transforming any part of your life (our most popular one). Hypno Coaching This coaching program is designed to help you achieve a certain goal through counseling, NLP techniques, some hypnosis or guided imagery, resolving issues from the past, changing perspectives, meditation and through homework assignments. (Most people not only achieve their goal but also see an improvement in their health, happiness and of resolving of a physical ailment.) It is also designed to establish a long term relationship with a trusted professional who always has answers and solutions for the problems and situations that come up in our lives. It helps you build up your confidence, self esteem and brings out the personal power you were born with. Psychic Shopping: Creating the outcome you desire This program uses your minds power and your souls knowledge to accomplish your goal. Your soul knows ~ that you can do, be and have anything that you want. It remembers all the desires you have ever had and knows the best way for you to achieve them. There is prep work involved and steps you have to take but this is the basic recipe that the universe uses to bring you every single thing that is in your life. This is a very powerful coaching program but one that rewards you with greater influence and control over your life - like never before. The number of sessions involved is the same as stated above - your choice. Law of Attraction: answers Or perhaps you have learned about the Law of Attraction and would like to refine some part of it; maybe get a better understanding of it or are trying to create with it and are stuck. Either way - congratulations on finding the "Secret" - the same laws that create everything single thing that has ever been or ever will be created. I look forward to helping you understand the personal power you have and create a life your excited about again. The number of sessions involved is the same as stated above - your choice.

Psychic /Law of Attraction Readings

Your thoughts now ~ are creating your future. And as long as you're alive, you will always be creating-something.

If there is a goal you're working on; a subject you need more clarity on or a situation that you would like to understand or change - then consider having an intuitive reading.  

Whether you choose an in-person or over the phone session

Psychic Readings

Intuitive Readings All readings are done in person, by appointment are a full hour long. To make the best use of your time, please write down the questions you would like answered before you come in. This helps you focus your mind and open up the subconscious ~ where all your answers are. It also serves to remind you to ask about all areas that you were concerned about. Do know that you are always in the process of creating your future - so it is possible for you to change unwanted outcomes that are already headed your way. Part of your reading will be advice to follow to obtain what you truly desire. This is from the Law of Attraction - the universal power of creation. Chakra Readings We consult the 7 major energy centers in the body, in a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state. Here the physical or emotional problems you have and the solutions you need are revealed. Deeply moving. You feel and hear your bodies own intuition....maybe for the first time in your life. (An excellent resource to consider to help relieve infertility). Sessions are from 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. Dream Interpretations Dreams that we remember are our subconscious minds way of communicating with the conscious mind. Sometimes they are prophetic, letting us know about an important event that's coming up in our lives. At other times, the theme is always the same, also known as recurring dreams. These also have a message for us - usually a warning of some kind. But mostly dreams are your mind just digesting life's experiences and giving you feedback. If you would like to learn how to recall your dreams, simply tell yourself before bedtime that: You do have dreams when you sleep. That you will remember the dreams when you wake up. And then, upon waking, jot down all the details you can remember. Now set aside some time to sit quietly and review what you wrote and notice how it happens to coincide with what's going on currently in your life. If you need help in interpreting the dream and unlocking the encoded message it contains, please call for assistance. The phone call will take about 30 minutes and will also provide advice to follow (to resolve the problem) and some clarity around the issue. The fee is $50.


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