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                                Welcome to Hypnosis Therapy Center 

       'Wondering if Hypnosis can help you?  The answer is yes.  I believe for every problem - there IS a solution.  

   Everyday, hundreds of people turn to hypnosis to overcome bad habits or improve their health.  They learned that  
there must be something in their subconscious mind that is holding them stuck in a pattern of behavior that they can't 
seem to change on their own through their conscious mind.
For example: an overweight person really wants to shed those extra pounds - yet can't seem to stop over eating. Or, 
the person who goes into a fit of anger over the slightest annoyance.  They deeply regret the whole incident later, yet 
can't seem stop themselves at the next event. This is where hypnosis excels as a therapeutic procedure.  

                                                                  What exactly is hypnosis?
   Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of consciousness that people experience many times throughout the day and 
night. It is when your mind focuses in on a specific thing, blocking out everything else.
One example is when you are watching TV and you are so focused on the show  - that you don't hear the phone ring or 
someone near you talking to you.  To them, you are in " a trance."  Daydreaming is another example.

                                                                       How does it work?
   A skilled Hypnotist is trained in how to communicate with both parts of the mind. Many conscious problems, habits, 
stresses and attitudes can be traced back to the interpretations and impressions placed into the subconscious mind. 
Once found and brought into the light of understanding by the conscious mind, the problem is greatly reduced or even 
completely resolved .  Generally, the cause of most problems is that there are some very strong, emotionally charged 
issues or stories in your current life or your past, that still need to be resolved before that habit can be released.

                                                          What will I experience in a session?
   Your first visit involves getting to know your background history; hearing more about your particular problem; teaching 
you how your mind works; helping you change your perceptions using various techniques and then the actual 
hypnosis session.  
   The hypnosis portion is really quite pleasant. Your hypnotist guides you into a state of relaxation similar to how you 
feel when you go to sleep, into a dreamlike state - but you are not sleeping. You are then given suggestions that direct 
your mind in a particle way, to bring about the changes that you came in for.  
will  hear every word the hypnotist says.  And you will always be in control of what you think about and do.  

                                                What types of problems can hypnosis help with?

                               Common uses  are: smoking cessation, weight loss and past life regressions.

                   Fears include: stage fright, fear of public speaking, dentists, flying, snakes, spiders, vomiting, etc.

           Personal Development types: improve self esteem, gain confidence, overcome shyness or procrastination.  

                                   Change Bad Habits like anger management, hair pulling, drinking or nail biting.

                             Emotional Issues such as anxiety, stress, tension, depression, guilt or forgiveness.   

        Relieve Physical Symptoms of  pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulcers, back pain, impotency or infertility, insomnia, etc.

                                                                     The list and uses are endless.

Wondering if hypnosis can help you with your situation?   A simple phone call will let you know.
                                                                  We love to enlighten you!


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